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  • As far as study abroad programs go, IGE is an absolute gem. The degree of personalization in this program is incredible. While tons of programs claim that you can make your abroad experience into exactly what you want, IGE gives you the freedom and resources to actually do it. My time in Vienna has been absolutely amazing. We have all been able to become extremely comfortable in a completely foreign environment with little trouble simply as a result of the hard work of our program directors and faculty. People aren’t just an office here. The small size of our group has allowed everyone to express themselves as a individual and not get lost in the shuffle. Our professors actually care about our well-being and want to get to know us as people, not just students. The way IGE is set up makes going to class into an actual rewarding experience instead of a chore. You will learn more about Viennese culture, history, and life than ever expected and have a fantastic opportunity to adopt an amazing city as your second home.