Why should your student study abroad?

The world we live in is undoubtedly becoming more and more global minded each year. The internet has provided us with instant communication across the world and many economies are dependent on foreign trade and support. Study abroad enables students to learn more about themselves and the global world they live in while also positioning them for success after college.

Study abroad not only allows students to learn a new language and understand different cultures, it provokes personal growth. Students develop new relationships and begin to look at the world with a more open mind. Through travel and new experiences students expand their personal boundaries and gain a new sense of confidence. Many find direction in life and realize the sky is the limit.

Aside from personal growth, study abroad portrays students in a new light to potential employers. Employers look at language skills as a big bonus and know that students whom have studied abroad often have a more open mind-set thus making them more flexible and able to work well in teams.

Strong Academics

IGE was formed with one main objective:  to provide college students with strong academics and mind expansive travel during their study abroad experience. More than 10 years later, this objective still leads and influences each of the organization’s decisions. In Vienna, Austria IGE faculty members are hand selected from the University of Vienna. During the fall semester students enroll in courses capped at no more than 20 students and often enroll in courses with just 5 students. During the spring semester, students have the option of taking courses from IGE’s faculty or enrolling larger in courses at the University of Vienna.

IGE has worked with a larger number of colleges and universities all around the United States and offers students a  fully accredited transcript.

On-Site Support

Whether your student is in Austria or China, each of IGE’s locations has on-the-ground support. Students are picked up at the air port and welcomed to their new home. IGE’s on-site program directors and their assistants lead students around their new home and make sure they understand the lay of the land. If students have any questions about courses, travel, the local law, health etc. – IGE’s on-site staff are there to help.

  • IGE Vienna provided the greatest study abroad experience I could have asked for. The IGE staff and faculty in Vienna provide a home away from home atmosphere, which really made me feel comfortable throughout the experience. Classes were very relaxed yet thought provoking and the trip included in the program was one of the best trips I took while abroad. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is looking to visit an exciting European city with a laid-back feel!